Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe that businesses have a duty to leave a positive impact on the world in which they operate. Now, during one of the largest global crises in generations, it is more important than ever. While it is highly improbable that any one business can solve all of the issues affecting the world, they can begin by supporting local causes and charities in any capacity that is affordable. This is one of the founding principles of Red Robin Healthcare.

What can we do?

As an international company engaged in the production, logistics and distribution of PPE and medical supplies, Red Robin Healthcare deals in high volumes of products that are of particular relevance to many during the Covid-19 pandemic. Red Robin is currently donating to 22 different organisations in the United Kingdom including many care homes, hospitals, and charities.

Care Homes

Care homes have seen some of the highest rates of infections and deaths during this time. This is mainly down to two factors: the age of the residents and PPE supplies actively being rerouted to the NHS. This is why, for now, Red Robin actively donates 1 in every 20 items sold to a local care home.


A higher BFE or PFE rating? PFE is always the better measure of a masks usefulness. If there are two masks, one with BFE of 95% and one with PFE of 95%, always pick the PFE mask. A filter that will block 0.1 micrometre particles will also block 1 micrometre particles, but not vice-versa. Do not be misled by a high BFE/PFE rating without knowing the particle size upon which it is based.

Start Local: A business’s ability to practice corporate social responsibility is governed by its revenue. Regardless of this it is always possible to do little things locally.

Play to your strengths: Money is not the only way to give. All companies sell either a product or a service. It is not very difficult to come up with creative ways to offer these at a reduced cost or free of charge to the public or social organisations that might otherwise struggle to access or afford it.

Our charitable partners so far:

  1. Hernhill Nursery
  2. West Lane Hospital
  3. Prais dental care
  4. Lancaster Road Hospital
  5. The New Foscote Hospital
  6. Age N.I.
  7. Cross Lane Hospital
  8. Manchester City Council
  9. Arundel & District Hospital
  10. St. Helens Care Centre
  11. Barnet Hospital
  12. Ashcroft house residential home
  13. Albany Care Homes
  14. Age Concern Birmingham
  15. Admiral Care
  16. Kilsby House
  17. Action 4 Care
  18. Active Prospects
  19. Abilities Development
  20. Abbey Ambitions
  21. 3L Care


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